Thank You and Happy New Year 2016!

2015 has been awesome!

I went to new places, I hiked for few days and had the best memories.


I didn’t travel a lot this year and maybe the same goes for next year. I’m focusing and planning on better, bigger plans in years to come. However, adventure is found everywhere around us. And I would love to travel more locally and you know, the currency exchange is not so great for us Malaysian, at the moment too.


In 2015, I focused on sharing better info for all readers and yeah, I got one of my article featured in The Vocket too. Some of my favourite are those articles I wrote regarding free/cheap options when traveling in Australia, such as in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. And also, the most read & shared article – Tentang Working Holiday Australia. Any of you decided to do Working Holiday now?


I will write more tips and tricks next year and write better on that. Do give me your feedback and ask me anything so I know what information you are wondering about backpacking and traveling.


Thanks for all of you who came, read and shared articles from this little blog. Some even leave comments. I appreciate it all and I hope some of the articles benefit you in any way possible. My purpose for this blog is to share my passion in travel and write things to make you think that travel is one of the best way to live, best way to spend your free time and best way to spend you money on.

And I’ll keep on doing that in 2016.


And yes, about the book. It took me longer to publish than I expected (Well, writing is one thing, and editing, is so far, the hardest one). Hopefully it will be published in the first quarter of 2016. Fingers crossed.


THANKSSS a lot for those of you who are interested with the book (like I am) and filled in your email information. You will get news on that soon. (And of course with some advantages 🙂 For those who are still interested, please feel free to fill in the popup form. Lets be among the first readers of #362OZ (oops, I might just revealed the title).


Lastly, lets hope for a better year of 2016. Lets travel more and experience new adventures, and lets be a better version of ourselves.


Jom mengembara lebih jauh!

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